Choose a Jogging Trail that is Away from Traffic

Although you want to job in places that are well populated you also want to stay away from traffic. Do not choose high traffic roads to jog even if you are on the side of the road facing traffic. There is always the possible that a car or truck will veer off the road and hit you or maybe just pull off the road with mechanical problems and fail to see you. If you choose roads that have a high traffic volume, choose one that has a sidewalk or a shoulder that is far enough off the main road for you to be safe.
In addition to the potential for being hit jogging in a high traffic area, is the possibility of being mugged or even kidnapped as you jog alongside the road. You can avoid those possibilities by making sure you are on the sidewalk or far enough away from the highway that someone would have to stop the car and get out in order to pull you into the car. Safety is a very important issue for joggers and one that you
should not take lightly. 
Jogging is a healthy activity for the body but you also have to make sure you perform it with your personal safety in mind.
One of the best ways to make certain you are in a well-lit area that is well populated is in a business area. Keep in mind that not all business sections will follow this pattern, so you still have to be careful where you go. For example, factories and warehouses are not the safest places to be because even though people may be working, they are usually secluded and unable to see what is going on outside.
The best places are round stores where customers come and go at all times rather than restaurants or movie theaters where customers are frequently inside rather than outside.
The key to making jogging a healthy activity is to make certain you are aware of the surroundings where you jog and to be attentive to your surroundings.
Do not make yourself a target by being preoccupied with your own thoughts or with a music player. Although it may help pass the time while you are jogging it also puts your safety in danger and makes you vulnerable to a surprise attack by someone you neither saw.

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