Jogging to Lose Weight

Anyone who is trying to lose weight needs to engage in some kind of aerobic exercise in order to boost
the metabolism to burn calories faster. Although a brisk walk will suffice, many people are more
comfortable with jogging and feel it works better for them. Making the choice to jog during weight loss
will not only help you lose weight but will also help you get into the routine of exercising, a move that
will help you keep the weight off when you have reached your goal weight. The ideal exercise for weight
loss is a combination of aerobic and resistance exercise—jogging combined with some weight lifting
Getting into the habit of jogging is not a difficult one for most people, but if you have never been one to
exercise, it may come as a shock at first. You do not want to try to jump right into a long jogging workout
but rather begin slowly and work your way up to where you want to be. Do not rush to reach the
amount of time you wish to spend jogging but let your body guide you and let you know when you are
ready. If you allow your body to be your guide, it will be much easier to work into a jogging routine
without all of the discomfort.
In order to achieve the ultimate weight loss, you want to make jogging part of your routine but not the
only exercise you perform. Although aerobic exercise is what helps you burn calories, resistance exercise
helps you build lean muscle mass which burns fan faster. Therefore the perfect routine is a combination
of aerobic and resistance exercise. Of course, if you can’t do the resistance routines for health reasons,
then certainly you can obtain the benefits from jogging but you may find it takes longer to accomplish.
However, any kind of exercise you can perform will certainly help you lose weight and keep it off after
you have reached your goal weight. You have to remember you will need to keep it up in order to
maintain your weight loss. You cannot stop once you have reached your goal weight and expect to
maintain the results. And always is important know the calories burned running.
Do not overdo your jogging in an attempt to lose weight faster. Though you may accomplish that goal, it
will be at the cost of your health. Working your muscles too hard even in jogging can cause your muscles
and cartilage to become damaged thus preventing you from doing many activities including jogging.

Balance the intake of energy (the food you eat) with the energy output (the number of calories burned in a day). Even someone making healthy food choices who doesn’t follow this basic rule will gain unwanted weight and increase his or her risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.

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