Run should be part of your daily life because:

-It will increase your energy, boost your mood and will make you feel good.

-Reduce stress and help you relax.

-If you practice regular physical activity like running that can help you control your weight by burning calories, when you burn more calories than you eat each day, you will lose weight.

-Makes your muscle stronger.

-Fortifies your bones and muscles.

-Will help you look better, when you run you burned calories and look more tone then people who don’t practice sports.

-Will help you sleep better.

-Health benefits: helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure. And reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

-Give you the opportunity to socialize with friends and family.

-Helps improve your thinking, when you are running taking deep breaths in and out, the body produce endorphins, this is a chemical that can help a person to become more happy and peaceful.

You need to balance the calories that you take in each day in the foods with the calories that you expend each day. You can burn the calories running.

How many calories burned running ? this question is important such us know when and what eat. During races, most athletes keep energy up with sports drinks, gels and nutrition bars, which are easy to handle, provide calories and nutrients, and aren't hard to digest.

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